Thursday, 25 May 2017

Villa in Sau Paulo

Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo

Finding an authentic place to stay with our family during holidays, is one of my top priority since some time. After we got kids, we hardly ever choose hotels, as they give us sort of claustrophobic feeling and are such a unpersonal place to stay. I always spend a lot of time searching for the best possible accommodation within our budget. Airbnb is a platform that I’m starting my searching path. If you are lucky, you can find treasures, like the one I’m showing you today. This Saõ Paulo villa is created by an architect Paulo and hidden in a very nice residential area of the city. Worth the walk around too! 

I’m not going to show you a lot, as I think it is a house with a soul and the pictures can’t do its justices….. Paulo rebuilt two old buildings, connecting them with a charming patio and a large kitchen on the ground floor. I really like the combination of the raw concrete, the unpolished large wood elements with greenery sort of over growing it all. The outside jungle is present inside thanks to using large glass panels, and this creates such a unique feeling when you are around. The villa is decorated with plenty of objects and furniture which we absolutely love, and we felt so well and comfortable, as it was almost our house….well, we could keep dreaming, right?  

If you ever going to visit Saõ Paulo, you can find the villa here: Airbnb - Villa Sau Paulo
please send greetings to Paulo from us. Obrigado! one day we will be back! 

Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo
Villa in Sau Paulo

picture credits: Rafa-kids - Arek Seredyn

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brazil with kids - part 1 - Olá Rio!

Brazil with kids - Rio
Brazil with kids - Centro Rio
Brazil with kids - Rio
Brazil with kids - Lapa markt
Brazil with kids - Rio
Brazil with kids - Lapa
Brazil with kids - Lapa
Brazil with kids - Lapa

It is exactly a week ago since we came back from our wonderful family trip to Brazil. It will be difficult to show you all, probably absolutely impossible so I will try to do it just step by step, to give you a glimpse. As Brazil is such a huge country, we did not want to be too ambitious and decided to stay around Rio and the South Coast. I will start with a little impression from the marvelous city of Rio…well, can you imagine a city with gorgeous beaches, mountains around it, a lake in the middle and between all this powerful landscape there are different districts, each with his own vibe and atmosphere. Well, that’s not all, imagine it is warm there almost year round and the sky is so blue. I don’t know any other place like that…We decided to stay at Ipanema district, just 2 minutes from the beach, the restaurants, the best ice cream ( what do you think about ginger ones? we got it at Milk frutas Cafe ), and yellow taxis, which become for us the easiest way to travel around…

We took it very slow and decided that one attraction per day is enough for us and for our boys. What are our favorite spots? Botanical Garden! walking in a jungle of greenery, then a trip to Sugarloaf mountain to see the sunset, we joined a food tour ( highly recommended! ) - called Eat Rio. Tom was a wonderful host and we had a chance to visit the local market, try plenty of fruits and juices, and also walk around colorful streets of Lapa…and at the evening we run on the Ipanema beach! I really love walking around the colorful Centro of Rio. The mix of architecture and people is just so fascinating!  We have a feeling that stories about the danger in Brazil are exaggerated. We experience this country as welcomed, warm and very friendly for our family, as people talked and try to connect with us, even we didn’t understand single world! Of course, you will also see the poor and tougher parts of the city, but I think it is good to show that to kids too, and talk about it. The world is not a perfect place, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating….to be continued…

Brazil with kids - Ipanema beach
Brazil with kids - Copacabana beach
Brazil with kids - Sugarlof
Brazil with kids - evening ate Ipanema

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Family Time in Brazil - 5 years of Rafa!

Rio Trip
This year Rafa-kids will become 5 years old. 
Exactly 26th of April 2012 our website went life. I know it’s just a date, and there was a lot of work to create our brand before and after this day, but I wanted to make something special because of that. Since we started our own business and welcomed our second son Robert, things got a bit more intense and time absorbing. We keep running and working a lot, and as our work is our passion it’s always a bit different. You get a lot of energy and satisfaction from what you do, but there come little moments, when you feel like you need rest. Real rest, when you can step out of your shoes, and get a new perspective. I hope the blue sky in Brazil will help us to do that, and the warm breeze will take us somewhere we don’t know, and we can finally just let go….

If you would like to follow our 5 years Celebration Family trip to Brazil 
you can find Rafa here on Instagram
I will try to give you a little update from time to time. Of course, 
after we will be back, I will tell you more. Take care and Stay Good. 
Rio Trip
Rio Trip

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Planes, trains & automobiles

Toddler room at Inside Out magazine - Australia
R toddler bed from Rafa-kids in Inside Out magazine - Australia

We are not leaving the toddlers’ playground from our last post : Let's Play with Monsters but we just keep playing. The theme chosen to create this room was all that moves : planes, trains and automobiles. My boys’ would love it!  Rafa-kids R toddler bed with wheels, fits perfectly here. How is it possible, that I never thought about it before! 
This beautiful styling was created by Jessica Hanson and photographed by Sam McAdam-Cooper, 

I don’t even know where to start to say what I like the most about this set. The Aeroplane shelf is just so cool. Personalised wooden letters with the name of your child, and little cloud lamp, and wooden planes flying around….. little details, making this minimal and modern space so special.  Of course this BLUE! what a beautiful, colour to choose for a child’s room. It makes it so dreamy and relaxed.

Selection of Playful toys for toddlers by Jessica Hanson - Inside Out Magazine
InsideOut magazine - Rafa-kids toddler bed

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Let's Play with Monsters

Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.
Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.

Rafa-kids F bunk bed and B bench under it - Let's Play.

How does the room of 6 years old look like? My son Robert, who is this age dreams about a 'BIG  BOYS' bed, as he still sleeps in his R toddler bed. He shares a room with his brother, so putting 2 F bunk beds in this space, is simply impossible. We are still in a hunt for a bigger house to make his dreams come true. 
He likes to spend time to draw, to make little notes to us, as he started to learn writing and reading, which is very fascinating! Of course he loves to Play. What about drums?  Or pillow fight, especially when they are so cool in the shape of Monsters…he is very active and he is everywhere. 

In our studio he found his perfect spot under the F bunk bed, where we put the B bench. Do you like it? We designed this bench, to fit between the ladders, and are so happy to see how great it is working  'in action'.  The space under the F bunk bed looks now so defined and different. 

And we made a MOVIE!  
We are absolutely hooked to this new tool, and hope you will like it as much as Rafa do. 

Please watch…it is so much Fun. Don’t forget to turn the music on. 

Creating a  room for 6 years old with Rafa-kids furniture.
Working corner for 6 years old with Rafa-kids furniture.
Bloomingville mini pillow Monster

Special Thanks:
Northseadesign for letting us to use the beautiful laps from their store. 
Manufakturakd - for our Rafa-kids paper garland! 
and Monsters pillows and dots chairs are from Bloomingville mini. 

F bunk bed  + B bench from Rafa-kids - perfect room for 6 years old

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rafa L shelf in Louis' Nursery

wooden toys for toddler
Louis' Nursery with Rafa L shelf
Rafa L shelf in Louis' Nursery

I’m so exited to show you today a beautiful nursery room. I hope you remember my blog post : Eastons nursery with Rafa kids L shelf, where I was sharing for the first time, a baby room decorated with Rafa-kids design. 
Well, today we have another project worth a look!  Angela, inspiring mom, living in Adelaide, South Australia, created this stunning space for her little boy Louis.  He is almost 17 months. As Angela calls this room  “ Scandi Nursery “ we know for sure where from she took her inspiration. I honestly have never seen so many cool wooden toys in one room!   I’m very pleased to see, that more and more parens are conscious to pick sustainable, long lasting toys, for they children. I know how difficult it could be, to say no to colourful, plastic kids world.  As you can see, it is possible…. 

Scandinavian style Nursery
Scandinavian style Nursery  with Leander Bed

with a special thank you to our Australian partner Inmyhood store. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Beauty of linen - Yoliandotis

Yoliandotis Byron Bay
Yoliandotis Byron Bay linen wear for children
Francesca Bonato with kids
Francesca Bonato son in linen from Yoliandotis

Have you already planned your vacations for this year ? In this rainy March Sunday, I desperately wish for a warm breeze and a little beach house in the sunny part of the world. Instead I hide myself under fresh , white linen bedding in my bed …hmmm, it feels so good.  Then I scroll and watch beautiful Instagram account of Yoliandotis . It makes me feel I’m almost there, at Byron Bay. Yoliandotis offers plant dyed and ethically made garments and interior deco essentials. I like so much the atmosphere of her website and all what she does. Magical world that we can be a part off, for a little moment….

Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Byron Bay home to rent via villaarjunabali
Yoliandotis linen bedding for kids
villaarjuna Byron Bay house to rent kids room